Printing Recipes From This Site

I had a comment the other day from a man who suggested that I make this site where you could just click and print the recipe without having to get the pages of comments along with it.  Sounds like a good idea but not possible and I’ll explain why.

First of all this is a recreational recipe site not a professional recipe website that has money backing it and everything it does.  It is hosted on which hosts the site for free and which I use their free blogging soft ware to publish my recipes and pictures.  The key word to all of this is free.  It would be nice if I had the money to make the site easier to use but since my husband passed away from Lung Cancer in August I have no income and am existing by the benevolence of my son and daughter-in-law.   I live with them and my 5 year old grandson.  I earn my keep by doing the housework, cooking, cleaning, laundry and babysitting my grandson while they work. 

I do however have a suggestion that could eliminate the problem with printing the recipe without having to print the comments.  I use this solution all the time on websites that I can actually print from but prefer to do it this way because it eliminates some of the garbage that I don’t want to waste ink and paper on. 

Simply copy and paste to a document in a word processing program.  There is a free program available if you do not have a word processing program, in fact I use it all the time.  It is Open Office and you can obtain it here or you can visit if you don’t want to click on the link.  Not only will that solve the problem but you can adjust the font type and size more to your liking which is especially nice if you prefer to have larger print.

So Jim I hope that solves the problem for you.  I appreciate every one who takes the time to leave a comment, especially after you’ve tried one of my recipes (whether you like the recipe or not).  I realize that not everyone is going to like my recipes, but that is alright, that is why God made us all different. 


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  1. celticmama36
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 17:16:43


    I am a new subscriber to your blog. I was so happy to find it!

    I am very sorry for the loss of your husband. One of my uncles is battling lung cancer as I type this. I will pray for you.

    I wanted to share with you something that I found and implemented on one of my Blogger blogs. After installing it (quick and easy), I haven’t had to do anything further to it. It is an application that lets our blog users save our posts as printer-friendly PDF. They have it for WordPress, too. It is completely free. Here is the URL:

    I just thought that you might be interested in knowing about it. Have a wonderful day!


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